About Us

Our Culture

Emphasis Events has encouraged a corporate culture of responsibility, empowerment and achievement. Our end-user sales and marketing solutions cause our clients to see us as a strategic partner. Often, we augment existing sales and marketing channels for them.

The adaptability of our dynamic in-store and on-site event campaigns allow them to work for nearly every type of business including those promoting leading and emerging product lines. Emphasis Event campaigns are high performance, measureable and revenue driven.


Emphasis Events is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a team’s success stems from its diversity. Through our differences, our company grows, achieves and stays relevant.

Our Values

We invest in six core values:

  • Integrity at all Times
  • Reaching the Potential of Motivated People
  • The Power of Trust
  • Better than Expected Results for our Valued Clients
  • The Strength and Knowledge of Teamwork
  • Developing and Empowering Leadership